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General Questions

How long will it take to get results?

Many users feel improvement right away and continue to improve after repeated use over time. Other users feel a noticeable improvement after about 60-days of regular use.
The key to success with HarmonicBrain is regular use. Also, try to use HarmonicBrain before, during, and briefly after situations where you want to experience the benefits of your version of HarmonicBrain. If this is not practical, run a HarmonicBrain session before engaging in the situation where you want to improve.

How can I get excellent results?

Users reported fantastic results when they run a HarmonicBrain session while they picture or imagine themselves in situations where they want improvement. For example, if you are anxious about giving a presentation, imagine yourself giving the presentation every time you run your HarmonicBrain Calm Performance session. Ideally, do this twice a day for two-weeks prior to giving your presentation. If you don’t have two-weeks lead time, try to get as many HarmonicBrain sessions in before your presentation.

I love HarmonicBrain! Where are the social media buttons in the app?

There are none. The use of HarmonicBrain is very personal and we chose to exclude any social media access features.

That said, we really value your support. If you want to help us, please recommend HarmonicBrain to your friends, family, and associates – but you decide how to do so.

Which frequencies does HarmonicBrain use?

Each version clearly displays the frequencies used. Not all versions use the same frequencies.

Does it work in the background?

Yes. Set your session up and tap the Play button. You can close the app and HarmonicBrain will continue to run in the background – even if you play music, watch a video, or make a call!

I closed the app, but it won’t stop playing?

HarmonicBrain is designed to work in the background that’s why it keeps running when you “close” the app.

Tap the Stop button to stop the sound from playing.

If you were using the timer, tap the Pause button then Tap the timer and select Cancel Timer.

Can I listen to music/video/audio while using HarmonicBrain?

Yes. Many studies found that the effects were better when the user listened to something enjoyable – of their own choice. So, go ahead and play music, watch a YouTube video, listen to an audiobook, watch a movie, or make a phone call while using HarmonicBrain.

Can I use HarmonicBrain while during phone calls?

Yes. The person on the other side of the call will not hear the hum or the noise. Feel free to use HarmonicBrain during phone calls without worry.

If I use HarmonicBrain while making a call, will the other party hear the noise/hum?

No. The person on the other side of the call will not hear the hum or the noise. Feel free to use HarmonicBrain during phone calls without worry.

Can I listen with only one ear/earbud?

No. Both ears were used in all studies. You must use earbuds or headphones during all of your HarmonicBrain sessions.

What’s the difference between a monaural and binaural hum?

The monaural hum plays two frequencies to each ear. For example, the left ear will be presented with a combination of 400Hz and 410Hz. The right ear will also be presented with 400Hz and 410Hz.

The binaural hum plays one frequency to one ear and a different frequency to the other ear. For example, the left ear will be presented with 400Hz and the right ear will be presented with 410Hz. The binaural hum is actually perceived in the brain.

To date, more studies have been done using the binaural hum. Even so, the results of the studies using the monaural hum have been as good as those using the binaural hum.

Why does my version of HarmonicBrain have a switch for two frequencies?

The “Freq” switch is present on some binaural hum versions of HarmonicBrain. If we find good results with different frequencies pairs, we include both of them with the app; otherwise, if we only find one frequency pair in our research that supports positive results, we use that one frequency pair. If two pairs are available, go ahead and pick the pair that you find most pleasing and let the results be your guide.

Why does my version of HarmonicBrain have a switch for two carrier frequencies?

The “Carrier” switch is present on some monaural versions of HarmonicBrain. The effective hum is present on both frequencies, so you can select either one. If two carrier frequencies are available, go ahead and pick the carrier that you find most pleasing and let the results be your guide.

What’s the difference between the frequency switch and the carrier switch?

The “Freq” switch is only found on some binaural hum versions of HarmonicBrain.
The “Carrier” switch is only found on some monaural hum versions of HarmonicBrain.

If our research finds more the one effective frequency, we will include that choice in that particular version of HarmonicBrain. Go ahead and try both and let your results by your guide.

In the case of the Carrier frequency choice, we provide two carrier frequencies (even though they both have the same effective frequency) when our research indicates some users like one carrier frequency more than the other. The effective hum frequency is the same regardless of carrier frequency. The only difference is your preference. Research has shown that when you select the sound you like better, you will get better results.

Why don’t you include music?

The research on this subject is very clear. YOU have to be the one to select the music. We designed HarmonicBrain to work in the background so you can listen to any music of YOUR choice. When researchers gave study participants a choice of music, they got better results.

You can listen to music, watch a YouTube video, listen to an audiobook, watch a movie, or make phone calls while HarmonicBrain works in the background.

Do you use MP3 files or audio recordings?

Absolutely not. MP3 audio files use “lossy compression”. This means they discard portions of the audio in order to reduce the data size. This cuts down on storage space and transmission time.

HarmonicBrain uses your iOS device’s onboard processor to generate the hum natively. No compression. No loss. No degradation.

Also, MP3 files are by nature limited in length. Because they take up storage space, MP3 creators try to provide the smallest size files possible. If you want to run a session that is longer than the MP3 file, you will have to “loop” the file. A lot of users are able to detect when the loop repeats, and they find this extremely annoying.

Because HarmonicBrain generates the hum natively, there are no files and no loops. Just the sounds you expect.

Sometimes there are clicks or interruptions – what is that?

All iOS apps use the iOS device’s processor and other resources. If another app grabs up too many resources, it is possible for the other apps to suffer. In the rare event you hear a click, it is because another app (or even the operating system) is momentarily using your devices resources. If you find this happening too frequently, quit the other apps you are not using.

Directions for “force” quitting iOS apps:

iPhone 8 or earlier

  • Double-click the Home button to show your most recently used apps.
  • Swipe right or left to find the app that you want to close.
  • Swipe up on the app’s preview to close the app.

iPhone X

  • From the Home screen, swipe up and pause.
  • Firmly touch and hold the app, then tap
  • You can also swipe up to close the app as soon as you see
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